• PreSchool Leader

    Dana Black coordinates the Preschool Ministry at Andover. Under her leadership the preschool ministry has witnessed God's great blessings. In addition to leading this ministry, Ms. Dana is a well respected dermatologist here in Lexington. She is married to Richard Black, and together they have two children. 


    On Sunday mornings, our automated registration system is located at the Preschool desk area. First time visitors are asked to complete a form to receive an authorization code and answer a few general questions (Allergies, etc.). Registration only occurs once. Upon returning the following Sunday you will simply enter the authorization code in the kiosk to sign in your child. 

    Upon registration a sticker is printed out that you will place on your child's back. The parent will have a matching sticker that they will turn in at the end of service to pick up the child and their possessions. 

    Should we need you during the service you will either be sent a text message or someone from the preschool ministry will locate you in the auditorium.

We are serious about spiritual Growth

  • General information

    Our preschool is divided into three classes. We keep the children separated by age and ability for the safety of the children.


    Lamb Room: Infants, babies, and toddlers

    Zebra Room: Walkers (children who are able to walk well on their own)

    Monkey Room: Potty trained 3s - 5s


    Once children begin kindergarten, they are promoted to the children's ministry.

  • security and safety

    For security and safety we require only parents and/or guardian to drop off children. Teachers are prepared to help preschoolers transition away from parents. All rooms are equipped with security cameras. Parents can be assured their child transitioned well to their classroom by watching on the security monitor in the foyer. Our church has several CPR trained volunteers.


    For security purposes we ask that only background checked volunteers be permitted into the classrooms. Upon picking up your child, please show your security tag to the registration worker to enter the preschool hallway. When you arrive at your child's classroom, knock on the door and give your security tag to the teacher that greets you at the door.

Train a child in the way they should go

  • cleanliness

    We strive to maintain a clean and safe environment for the children. At the conclusion of each Sunday's service each room is disinfected, toys are wiped down, trash is thrown out, diapers are removed, and any broken or dangerous toys are removed immediately. During the week, a cleaning service also cleans the area.

  • donations

    The nursery and preschool accepts donations such as:


    Wipes (diaper and anti-bacterial)

    Facial Tissues

    Paper Towels

    Hand Soap

    Hand Sanitizer