Questions Answered

Do you have Sunday School? Yes. Every Sunday at 9:30 am. For more information, Click here

How does someone join the church? First notify the Pastor who will distribute the church membership curriculum for your review. Second, a meeting with the Pastor will be scheduled to discuss candidates conversion/baptism and answer any questions you may have about the church. Thirdly, the member-candidate is brought before the church for public affirmation at a date set by joining member(s).

How do I get baptized? Baptism is an outward profession of ones faith in Christ. We immerse the entire body under water which signifies Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. We usually observe baptisms at the beginning of the church service. We do not partake in private baptisms. Prior to baptism the candidate will receive a baptism curriculum and a meeting will be scheduled with the Pastor. Baptism places the individual into membership of the church. 

What about the Lord's Supper? We partake of the Lord's Supper (communion) twice a month, after the sermon. The elements are juice and wafers which represent the body and blood of Jesus. Communion is observed by those who have saving faith in Jesus alone and have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. After the sermon, individuals go to a designated table to get the elements and return to their seat to pray before partaking at the same time. This is a sacred and edifying ordinance we observe. Moreover, partaking together is our confession that Jesus is LORD.

How old is the church? It was constituted 27 years ago.

Is the church affiliated with any institutions? Yes. The Southern Baptist Convention.

What is the Order of Service? Click here

What is the estimated length of entire service? approximately one hour and fifteen minutes (10:45-12pm)

Do you have Sunday Evening Service? No

Do you single out new church visitors? No. We do ask all visitors to complete a connection card. 

Do you have a formal greeting time during service? Currently we are not having a formal greeting time, however people do mingle before and after the service. 

Would I have the opportunity to introduce myself to the pastor if I wanted? Absolutely! The Pastor does not hide out after the sermon. Rather, he and his wife stand in the foyer after the service to say hello, goodbye, nice to meet you, or answer any questions. 

Do you have Wednesday Service? Yes. Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the main auditorium . This service typically consists of a pastoral prayer, followed by one song of praise, along with a teaching from the Bible. The service is 1-hour in length (6:30-7:30 pm). The preschool and children's ministries meet separately during this hour. Those in 6th grade and up join us for this service.

What's the music like? Our instruments typically consists of acoustic guitars and a piano. We sing a total of four songs, three before the sermon and one after the sermon. Our songs are always edifying. 

What about children during church? We believe children are not only a tremendous blessing to our church, but also learn to worship God by sitting with their parents or loved ones during the service. As a result, children are encouraged to sit with their parents throughout the entire worship service. Click here for more information. To those with children ages birth-5 years old we have a wonderful Pre-School ministry available to be utilized during Sunday School and the church service. 

What are sermons like? The Pastor preaches anywhere from 30-45 minutes, straight out of the Bible. He selects the Bible passage and faithfully walks through the text of Scripture. The sermons are not sugar-coated, meaning, if the Bible says it, it will be addressed.  

Are people encouraged to "get saved?" Yes. Every sermon has the call for sinners to put their faith in Jesus. If you bring a friend or loved one that is not a Christian they will most definitely hear a clear gospel presentation throughout the sermon. We believe people must pray for His salvation. 

What do you teach about the gospel? Man is created in God's image yet conceived in sin. Because God is just, sinners are not "let off the hook" but rather under the judgment of God. GOOD NEWS, God sent His Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, truly God and truly man. His name is JESUS and He lived without sin. As our substitute, He both lived in our place and suffered on the cross in our place, where He took upon Himself the judgment we deserved. He was brutally and unjustly killed.  Three days later He physically and bodily rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and is currently seated at God's right hand. If a sinner REPENTS and BELIEVES by placing their faith in JESUS ALONE, they are given the very righteousness of Christ, endowed with the indwelling Holy Spirit, forgiven of all sin (past, present and future) and will live eternally with Him. 

Are you a perfect church? Absolutely not! Like all churches we fall short in various ways. We do however rest in God's great grace and pursue humility and unity together. We are a loving and welcoming congregation that gives thanks to God for our perfect Savior.