The Baptist Church at Andover began with 31 people who met in homes every Sunday evening where they would gather for prayer and Bible Study.



The first worship service was held at Shoney's Inn, followed by the Lexington Ice Center for 2 years.



On July 18, 1993, The Baptist Church at Andover was officially constituted, with 92 charter members. The first pastor was called by the congregation, Mike Osborne. The Church went from the ice center to one more site on Palumbo drive.



September 6, 1996, The Baptist Church at Andover held its first worship service in its current facility off Todds Road. At this time the church embraced a "seeker-friendly" church model for outreach. The carpet was a basketball gym outlined for sports. 


The church was facing severe financial and attendance woes. God led BCA into a partnership with Porter Memorial Baptist Church. Pastor Bill Henard, who was pastor at Porter Memorial, would commute to BCA following the services at Porter to preach at BCA. Though Pastor Henard never assumed the Senior Pastor role at BCA he did fill the role of preaching and shepherding during this difficult season. He also led the church away from its "seeker-friendly" church model. Pastor Mike stepped away from his role as Senior Pastor prior to Pastor Bill arriving.



Under the leadership of Pastor Bill Henard, he encouraged the church to call Adam Greenway to become the second Pastor at BCA. Though the church did not have official bylaws during Adam's tenure he did implement a deacon ministry. Also, the church was involved with upward basketball during this time. The church auditorium continued to be a "multi-purpose" room that included worship, meals, sports, etc. Josh Landrum served as the Youth Minster during this time. 


Pastor Adam resigned his role as Senior Pastor to assume a leadership position at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.



David Stokes was called to be the third Pastor at BCA. 


The church began the "Christmas at Andover" project. On the church property, the city of Bethlehem was reenacted, including live animals, train rides, Christmas lights, and the gospel message was given each night. Christmas at Andover occurred through 2012.


Pastor Stokes resigned as Senior Pastor to become the Association Director for Central Kentucky Network of Baptists (previously Elkhorn Baptist Association). 



Eddie Schwarberg was called to be the fourth pastor (current) of The Baptist Church at Andover. Pastor Eddie was previously a Pastor in Knoxville, TN . He preached In lieu of a call and received a 99% vote among the congregation to become the next pastor. 


The motto of the church was changed to "Knowing Jesus Christ, growing in grace, enjoying God and one another." 

A renovation team was established to modify the look of the auditorium.


By the grace of God we endured the Coronavirus with no lives in the congregation lost. 

Members of the church began auditorium renovations, including constructing and building a new stage. The concept was to modify the auditorium from looking less like a gymnasium and more like a place of worship. Thanks to hard-working church members, the results were phenomenal.  Lord willing, new carpet will be laid in the summer of 2021.  


New Carpet was laid in the auditorium.


The church continues to be added to monthly with new members, experiencing both spiritual and numerical growth.  It is an exciting time to be involved at The Baptist Church at Andover. Our future is as bright as the promises of God.