Eddie Schwarberg

My name is Eddie Schwarberg, Senior Pastor of The Baptist Church at Andover. Thank you for visiting our website. Should you visit us on any given Sunday please be sure to introduce yourself.


My wife (Kaylan) and I met in a small country church in Indiana where we served the Bride of Christ. Together, God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter, Abigail Joy. Kaylan has a B.A. in Music Education from Bowling Green State University and M.A. from Miami, Oxford. 


My desire is to be a loving pastor/shepherd and a bold preacher of the gospel. In these days of despair and brokenness I believe the gospel is, and always be, our only hope. 


As its been stated, using a metaphor from Matthew 25, "The role of the Pastor is not to entertain the goats, but to equip the sheep."


That is my focus, equipping the people of God through the Word of God. 


Contrary to popular thought today, I do not believe the New Testament Pastor is called to grow the church, be a vision caster, or revitalize the church. Rather the Pastor is mandated to shepherd the flock, preach the Word, and leave the results to God.


As a result of my convictions I do not rely on methods or programs. I do not believe church is for the “unchurched,” or that the power of conversion rests in pop-culture or church entertainment/big productions.


I preach a gospel of free, sovereign grace.


My desire is to be a faithful preacher of the Word, striving to bring weekly sound exegesis by "feeding the sheep." (John 21:15-17)