OUR Positions

We are Theologically Conservative.

We teach the sovereignty of God in all things.

We are Elder led and Deacon-served.

We are Biblical Inerrantists.

We are Bible-Focused.

We are Gospel-Driven.

We are God-Centered.

We are Trinitarian.


1. We are Orthodox: Baptist hold to the historic symbols of Christian orthodoxy, including the Nicene and Apostles Creed, both of which confess the trinity, along with the person and work of Christ.

2. We are Evangelical: The essence of evangelicalism is the Gospel, that God in Christ redeems poor and needy sinners out of pure grace.

3. We are Separate: Those who love God  (as contained in His Word) from the heart are the children of God.  In order to be a child of God one must be born again, which is evidenced in believers baptism and a godly life. 

A. Only evangelism can grow the church: In order to be saved people must hear the gospel,  repent, and believe.  Baptist have historically been a missionary people.

B. Congregational Church Government: Because all believers posses the Spirit of God, they  have the right to vote and assist in making decisions within the local church. An unconverted membership will not make wise choices in matters pertaining to the church.

C.  Separation of Church and State:  The state has no power over the church and the church has no power over the state. The state cannot determine the beliefs or forms of worship of any religious institution. Separation of Church and state does not imply the Separation of God and state. Both the church and state should strive to be a blessing to one another without dictating each other.

D. Baptism of the Redeemed: Baptism, the sign if the New Covenant people of God, should  only be applied to those who, from the heart, confess and love the God of the Bible. Children of the church are not added involuntarily through baptism.

E. Our Pastor holds to the doctrines of grace:  Man's total depravity and his subsequent bondage to sin and inability to know God (Romans 3, Ephesians 2), God's sovereign election of sinners, not because of anything special in them (Romans 9, Ephesians 1), Jesus' death in the place of His people who were chosen before the foundation of the world (Matthew 1:21, John 10, Ephesians 1), God's effectual calling of salvation through the inward work of the Holy Spirit (John 6:44), and the final preservation of those whom He chose in eternity past (Philippians 1:6).